Returning to Yoga class at

Returning to yoga class

It gets to the point sometimes where my yoga mat literally calls to me to return to yoga class at – usually when I haven’t been very disciplined or at practise in a while.  This morning I finally got back on my mat and went to a Mysore style class at, where I have been a student for a number of years.The feeling of stepping into an oasis of calmness and silence, leaving my shoes at the door and walking barefoot through the shala, is the essence of letting go.  The opening chant, a prayer to the gurus feels like a call to the Gods. I start my practise slowly, as a Mysore practise allows you to go at your own pace. My hips are tight and I feel the stress slowly release as I bend forward folding my chest to my thighs.  I listen to my breath and attempt to balance each asana with my inhalations and exhalations. Iyengar talks of trying to use each asana or posture to sculpt the mind and as the practice continues from standing to seated sequences, my mind begins to quieten and my breath deepens.

My practise typically finishes at the posture Marichyasana A, dedicated to the Sage Marichi this asana is an old favourite of mine. A seated forward bend with a bind, which continues to defy me. But yoga teaches us to be non attached to our practise and so it is that I attempt the pose with the help of my teacher, try to make the bind, accept how things are and then move onto the closing sequence. My breath starts to calm and after a short meditation, I lie back into shavasana and drift off with my thoughts. Later, as I leave the quiet shala and head out into the busy main street, I wonder why I don’t practise more regularly. Unwind and Let Go.

Yoga Class @, Idrone Lane, Blackrock, Co Dublin





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