Tropical Magnolia Massage at the George V Paris

Tropical Magnolia

George V Spa interior

Having been recommended the exotic sounding Tropical Magnolia Massage at the George V hotel in Paris, I took the opportunity to make an appointment when I was last passing through the romantic city. The spa located off the main reception of the hotel by way of a  private elevator is a calm soothing series of treatment rooms decorated in Queen Anne style with elegant chairs and floral wallpaper. My therapist ushered me into a candle lit room and invited me to sit with my feet in a ceramic bowl of warm water and rose petals. She gently massaged my tired toes and eased me into my 80 minute Tropical Magnolia appointment. She used a gong over my head, which sent lovely sound waves through my body and this signaled the start of the treatment.

George V Spa Paris refreshments

The massage started face up with long strokes through the hair, face and neck. This then progressively down into the shoulders, elbows and arms. Using Sodashi skin care products the smells were flowery, fruity and sweet, as near to what I would imagine Tropical Magnolia’s to be.  Moving to the tummy, the therapist was competent and firm and built up to a final pressing of the hands over the heart.  During each stage of the treatment, hot scented towels were applied to the body, releasing delicious aromas. My legs were stretched so that muscles could be released. By the time I was turning over, I was sighing and yawning,  letting go of any worries and anxieties.  My therapist now used long strokes along my back and  tensed up shoulders as well as loosening the vertebrae along my spine. As the massage reached its end and as I was just drifting off, I saw the colour blue (my favourite colour). It took me a moment to recognise it as a sign of the sixth chakra relating to the throat, thyroid and neck area. But more symbolically a sign of calm relaxation in the body and a sign of serenity.


My treatment ended with a gentle cup of specially brewed ginger tea. Lying wrapped in a warm fluffy bathrobe in the gorgeous relaxation room, I wondered why I hadn’t done this before and vowed to make it a must-do on future trips to Paris. A truly Unwind and Let Go experience.


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Tropical Magnolia Massage at the George V Paris”

  1. I had the pleasure of having this treatment in Paris recently…it was the best spa experience I have ever had in my short spa-frequenting life.
    From the foot scrub, the gong, full body massage, leg stretching to the relaxation room, everything was to the highest standard and fully thought out from the client’s perspective.
    It was a complete release from the stresses of daily life and a thoroughly relaxing 80 minutes.
    On the list for when i am back in Paris 😉

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