Unwinding at the Six Senses Spa Paris


Six Senses Spa ParisAs you go from Place de Vendome, in the centre of Paris in the direction of Jardin des Tuileries, on the corner of Rue de Castiglione, you can find the Six Senses Spa Paris. I had heard about its unique interior, and was curious to experience its fabled futuristic and ecological environment on my recent visit to the capital. Upon arriving however, I discovered more of a rural retreat in the city than something from the future.  And while its iconic cocoon shaped treatment rooms were very contemporary, throughout the rest of the Six Senses Spa Paris, there was a sympathetic focus on nature – which I liked very much.I was booked into have a Hanakasumi scrub and massage which sounded too delectable to resist  “cherry blossom and lotus perfumed exfoliation and hydration with warm melted shea butter”,  so both a scrub and a holistic massage in one. My therapist started gently enough, applying a cool scrub mixture, which was then competently removed with a soft mitt, as each part of my body was treated in turn. With the exfoliation completed, the massage was a long luxurious rubdown – or so I think. Unexpectedly and for the first time, in my spa memoirs, I fell completely asleep on the treatment table, only waking when the therapist coughed and loudly whispered ‘Madame your treatment is now over’.  As I woke with a start and tried to remember where I was, I could best describe my experience as being both dreamy and blissful and with my skin now covered in delectable shea butter feeling very soft and smelling divine.  The therapist reassured me that clients regularly doze off during the treatment and also added that it was a favourite treatment of everyone at the spa due to its beautiful sweet aromas.  True enough, once I was a little bit more coherent,  I felt perfumed and coiffed as I glided out of my cocoon, ready to step out into the hot August evening bare-legged.

My post spa refreshment  was probably the best complimentary digestif I have experienced. I had a choice of either fresh or warm drinks as well as a serving of dried fruit, a piece of french chocolate and a jar of honey which my therapist told me had come from the city bees located on the Parisian rooftop overhead. I sat relaxing, nibbling on my feast in front of a large video screen which streamed live footage from the street cam overlooking the Eiffel Tower.  As I was leaving, my phone beeped with a message from the Six Senses enquiring if my visit had met with my Unwind and Let Go standards. How could I be anything other than positive.

[Six Senses Spa Paris, Rue de Cariglione, Paris, France]

Author: unwindandletgo@gmail.com

Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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  1. Sounds like Bliss, however I’m not quite sure how this is any different from you falling asleep in the bathtub most nights. You might have been able to save some money 🙂

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