Yoga classes, Chakras and Meditation

Yoga Chakras and meditation

Yoga, Chakras and meditationAfter my recent misadventures with my lower back, I was finally ready to go back to Yoga Classes this weekend and attend a Chakras workshop. Of late, it seems that I have had more returns to yoga than uninterrupted practise [see here]. But such is life. To celebrate, I bought myself a Manduka skidless yoga towel with ‘dots that grip so you don’t slip’. This towel goes over your yoga mat to avoid slipping and also helps you avoid getting stuck in jump backs or jump throughs. Perfect, if like me, you are still learning how to glide through seated postures with ease.


As mentioned, I was attending a full day Chakras Balancing Workshop in Dublin which I thoroughly enjoyed and in many ways am still trying to process. We spent the day aligning the 7 energetic fields of the Chakras system within the body and releasing tensions that had built up. The body is said to store emotions from the base of the spine to the top of the head and having the opportunity to re-balance and release negative energy was very therapeutic. In fact at yoga class last night, I was able to feel a distinct shift in my body and a new inner strength, especially in Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana (Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose ) which engages the solar plexus and is linked to the 3rd Chakra. I expect there will be more revelations in weeks and months to come.

Yoga, Charras and MeditationOne of my big take aways at the end of the day was this. Remember to do something every day, no matter what, that keeps you in balance. For some people that might be a yoga class. For others, its a short practise at home or time spent focusing on the breath, or maybe its meditating. But essentially everyone should do something every day to keep themselves balanced in mind, body and spirit. In a perfect world, I would love to do a full practise of yoga everyday. But time and travel rarely permit it. So I have decided that my absolute minimum to keep me balanced is a daily meditation. Having discovered the Headspace App last year, I was thinking of making it my ‘must do thing’ for about 20 minutes every morning. To date, I have found that by sitting in lotus or on a chair,  I can just switch on the app, close my eyes and breathe. I also find that being talked through a meditation program really makes it easy to follow along and avoids the usual distractions. So what’s your must do thing – what will you do daily to keep yourself calm, happy and in balance? Why not add your comments below!

Ashtanga, Idrone Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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