Behind the scenes at Unwind and let go

Unwind and let go

Given that its now 6 months since Unwind and Let Go was created, I thought I would share with you how the blog is coming along. Unwind was started on a whim last Summer following a visit to the George V Spa Paris for a heavenly Tropical Magnolia massage. At the time I was so overcome with excitement that I felt everyone should hear about it and so decided to write a blog.  Once Unwind was underway, I then added a category on Yoga because I figured both Spas and Yoga were somewhat linked. Although admittedly having injured myself at a random beginners yoga class in the countryside last October [see here] I haven’t been able to write as much on Yoga as I would have liked. (By the way, I still find it amazing how everyone finds the injury so hilarious!!!).

My own personal favourite blog post is [Coffee, herbal tea and me], simply because I wrote it on a whim one fabulous sunny Saturday morning and I like how it reads, even if (in all honesty) I have started to drink black tea again -:)  I hadn’t intended to have a category on Slow Living and in fact struggled to even figure out what some of my non spa/non yoga musings were all about, with early iterations being categorized as… Living, Lifestyle, or simply Misc. Interestingly, however its this category that has driven the most amount of traffic and interest in the blog. Right now, the top 3 read posts are 1. [Photographing Scotland] 2. [Duck eggs, kerr pinks & country markets] and 3. [Embracing a Hygge Lifestyle], all of which are classified under Slow Living. Maybe that says something about where everyone is in life right now. Maybe we all need to slow down, kick back and lose ourselves in some escapist thoughts or frivolous conversations.

Linking the blog to Social Media has been fascinating, rewarding and industrious. I adore Instagram for images and I use Pinterest for inspiration. I also get a lot of repeat visits from Facebook as well as receiving new traffic from retweets in Twitter. Google+ also serves a purpose. Connecting with people through social media via the blog has been one of the biggest highlights. In the beginning I was reluctant to even tell people I was working on a blog, now its become a great way to connect. Its also been a fantastic stress free way to unwind personally. With all the challenging stuff going on in 2016, Unwind has been a real plus and I am just so glad that I did it. Finding a creative outlet is so rewarding and I would encourage everyone to find theirs.

So plans for the blog going forward? Well, lots of things to still fix and add. You might already like the new ‘look and feel’. I decided to move to a more mono-chrome palette given the volume of posts and images and try and tidy things up a bit, but given my preference for vibrant colours, this might easily slip. I have also decided to come out from behind my shades in [About me], slightly terrifying but thank you Matt Anderson. And finally I am also working with a friend and graphic designer on a new logo – but that may take some time.

Writing helps me rearrange my thoughts, almost like putting a framework around a great episode that needs to be recalled in detail. It also helps me feel more grateful for opportunities and experiences that have presented themselves and gratitude really is the secret to happiness. Most of my blogging takes place at my desk in the attic although in saying that I regularly write on planes, on the couch, in my pjs or out in the garden. So technically I write anywhere… I hope going forward that new fresh content for blog post entries comes not just from me but from far and wide. I was so thrilled to have Mark Ody as the first guest contributor for Unwind [See here] and really look forward to receiving more contributions. Everyone has a story to tell (I really believe that!), so why not dip your toe in the water and post something you feel passionately about? I will even allow you to wear a pair of shades in your profile picture, if it gets you over the initial terror of going public!

On a final note, a million and one thank you’s for all of you who have supported Unwind since its inception. Especially my loyal subscribers, my confidants who regularly spell check my posts ( e.g. Kir royale champagne vs. Kerr Potatoes) and my friends who always leave a comment! I have been overwhelmed with the number of people now reading the blog on a regular basis and am truly grateful for all the words of encouragement.


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes at Unwind and let go”

  1. An excellent year end wrap up. It’s evolved fabulously darling… and you know I’m just itching to contribute! Merry Christmas, I truly hope you get to unwind & let go over the holidays. x

  2. As a loyal fan I just wanted to say that this post rocks! A really great story on the developing life and direction of the only blog (literally) that I read regularly – I guess I’m a little biased, but thanks for taking me/us along on the journey.

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