The Delamar Hotel Spa in Greenwich Connecticut

Delamar Hotel SpaAs part of a recent work assignment on location in Greenwich Connecticut, the schedule included (much to my joy!) a complimentary treatment at the Delamar Hotel spa. Located on the waterfront, the hotel overlooks a pretty marina with fancy sailboats and kind of reminds you of a laid back Summer postcard. Having flown long distance to get there,  I opted for a Swedish massage as my treatment du jour. Perfect for weary travelers but not too demanding for already jet lagged muscles.

The decor of the Delamar Hotel spa was like an elegant drawing room with deep powder-blue armchairs, a large ottoman poof and an assortment of easy reading coffee table books. On the walls, ornately framed paintings depicting 19th century women enhanced the female tone of the Spa – which suited our party perfectly as we were 18 women in total. Champagne cooled in ice buckets and there were platters of fresh fruit for nibbling on, making the Spa reception room a tempting venue to stay put in forever. And in case it seemed overly fussy and ornate, in the center of the room there was 2 porcelain white cock-a-too parrots, which added a bohemian vibe to the afternoons proceedings.

Delmar Hotel SpaEnsconced in brown satin wool bathrobes, our line up of ladies was funny and lighthearted and with efficient coordination we were each escorted to individual treatment rooms. My therapist was calm and confident and led me into a serene low lite room with heated massage table. Her strokes were experienced and effective with knots and aches being slowly ironed out as she worked her way around my body. Although I was in the mood to relax and drift off, my brain decided otherwise and for the for the first part of the treatment the events of the morning played over in my mind and I became distracted by the blinking lights of the heating system underneath the massage table. My therapist gently chided me to leave my cares at the door and true enough I slowly began to relax and switch off. I had requested no head massage in order to keep my hair intact for the evening ahead but I soon regretted my choice as it became clear that my therapist was a master of neck and shoulders and who knows what she could have done for my scalp!

With 60 minutes now showing on the clock, my time was up and I was escorted back to the elegant living room for a choice of mint water, fruit or more champagne.  As more of our party drifted back happily to the reception area, the conversation struck up again and it took quite some time for everyone to move out of the beautiful lounge space to go back to business of the day.  A reminder for me personally that unwinding and letting go can happen any where, any time with any number of people…

Delamar Hotel Spa, 500 Steamboat Road, Greenwich, CT06830


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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  1. Lovely to remember those nice memories! Thanks! You described very well the atmosphere of Greenwich and the spa!

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