Creating a Yoga Space at Home

Yoga BagI always dreamed of having my own yoga space at home. When I was training to be a Yoga teacher, I would go to a class at least 4 times a week, where the structured environment allowed me to focus. The problem of course was that it felt like I was going to class because I had to, not because I wanted to. One thing I  never fully mastered, was simply being able to practise yoga on my own at home.

Yoga SpaceFinding my own Yoga self practise has taken a long time. For about a year it was only about meditating. I tentatively made my way through the Headspace packages, created a small tiny space in my walk in wardrobe and began to simply connect with my breath. For about 20 minutes every morning I would sit  and let the calm sounds guide me through a gentle meditation, with the sweet smell of a scented candle for company. At time went on, I began to envisage creating my own yoga space at home. I needed a private spot, with room to stretch and a solid floor to roll out my mat. I pondered on where and how I could make this happen in my house, the living room was too public, the bedroom too tight and the guestroom carpeted.

Yoga SpaceAround about this time, I started the decluttering course. My most major excavation was in fact my walk in wardrobe. I narrowed the whole wardrobe down to 2 rails of clothes, along with shoes and bags and by doing so I created a lot of space. I ripped up the carpet and put down wooden floors. I also had the walls painted a clean pure white. In the corner of the room, I placed a small table and with precious bits and pieces creating a yoga alter, complete with incense sticks, precious stones and calming statues.

Yoga SpaceIt seems like such an indulgence to dedicate space in the house to a pastime I only get to do every other day, if I’m lucky. But in reality I feel so blessed to be able to have this space. I like to think that it represents the space that I so badly need in my brain and in a crazy frantic world it is my own personal oasis of calm. My mat is permanently rolled out and the convenience of this means that I can fall out of bed in the morning and plant my feet on its familiar surface without even thinking. Some evenings I wander upstairs and simply sit in its calmness and appreciate its stillness. My yoga practise is still evolving. Ashtanga provides a natural flow and depending on how much time I have in the mornings, I always start with a series of sun salutations. In fact its really quite easy to work my way through the standing sequence without stopping and starting or giving up.  Sometimes I play some soft gentle background music or sometimes I count the sanskrit movements that I learnt (by heart it seems) when I was training to be a teacher.

Yoga is of course a journey – a life time journey and right now creating a Yoga Space at home is where my journey is at.




Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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