Meditating at MNDFL in Greenwich New York

MNDFLOn a busy Saturday afternoon in New York, I decided to steal away for some quiet and calm at MNDFL, having heard about it on MindBodyGreen. The uber chic center for mindfulness offers drop in meditation classes on the hour and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give my overloaded mind some tender loving care.

MNDFL offers an excellent online booking service where you literally book your cushion for each scheduled class. The cool interior complete with bolster pillow and matching grey mat is set against white bare walls and light wooden floors. Our meditation teacher Marisa calmly opened the class equating the breath as your own personal best friend. She encouraged the class to use the breath as a constant guide no matter what was going on in our lives.

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The one habit I’m trying to keep – a daily walk

Daily walkI am trying to get into the habit of a daily walk. I have signed up for a team walking challenge in work and I am currently attached to my fitbit while I count my steps feverishly for the month of October. I thought if I could do 10,000 steps daily I would be knocking it out of the park but alas some days I realise I am well short of my 10,000 step goal. Its not that I don’t like walking, in fact I find it fabulous for clearing my head or as my mother says ‘cleaning the plaque’. This time last year, with time on my hands, I walked all the time, however I’ve noticed of late that I am struggling to fit it in.

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