Meditating at MNDFL in Greenwich New York


MNDFLOn a busy Saturday afternoon in New York, I decided to steal away for some quiet and calm at MNDFL, having heard about it on MindBodyGreen. The uber chic center for mindfulness offers drop in meditation classes on the hour and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give my overloaded mind some tender loving care.

MNDFL offers an excellent online booking service where you literally book your cushion for each scheduled class. The cool interior complete with bolster pillow and matching grey mat is set against white bare walls and light wooden floors. Our meditation teacher Marisa calmly opened the class equating the breath as your own personal best friend. She encouraged the class to use the breath as a constant guide no matter what was going on in our lives.

Taking lotus position, Marisa advised us to sit upright but not uptight which I loved because often during a meditation you can get so caught up in trying to keep a perfect posture. Her wise words really helped me relax. In total we meditated for 31 minutes and this included a short spatial awareness of the room, a guided body awareness and then a long period of breath connection. My mind had felt so clogged that I wondered if it would be possible to get some headspace but slowly as time ticked on, I found myself becoming a little more centered and grounded. The energy in the room was very loving and as Marisa continued to gently lead the class, it felt like the best therapy I could have had.

MNDFLAs the class drew to a close, I genuinely felt a whole lot better. My mind literally felt cleaner and almost filled with white light. I felt so delighted with my new found sense of inner peace, that I bought a MNDFL mug as I was leaving, to put on my desk as a special reminder to reconnect with my breath.

MNDFL, Greenwich Village10 East 8th Street, New York, NY 10003


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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  1. Congrats Emer on your blog! I only recently learned about it & I’m enjoying reading all your posts. I’ll be in NYC in a few weeks & you’ve inspired me to consider dropping into one of these meditation classes. Any spa recommendations for the Big Apple??

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