My morning routine

I am slightly obsessed with morning time and specifically  my morning routine. I have become quite structured and deliberate about how I want to set up my day and have reached the point where having a good morning routine is key to setting me up for a great day. It hasn’t always been like this and it doesn’t always follow a similar pattern but taking time to focus on myself in the mornings has of late become my self-care mantra  and I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my morning ritual.

My morning routineIdeally I love to wake naturally with the light streaming through the curtains but alas I don’t have the luxury of time so when the alarm goes off, I get up and wander bleary eyed into the kitchen. While preparing my daily cup of hot water and lemon, I feed the cats and check my email – yes not great I know, certainly a bad habit that comes with the risk of accelerated heart rate. But assuming all is well in the world, I then go to my yoga room and start my meditation. From day dot my morning routine has always included meditation and no matter what, its the one thing I do religiously for 10 to 20 minutes daily.

My morning routineI then try to do some exercise, some yoga stretches or else go out for a walk. Sometimes I walk out of necessity to the bank link, but regardless of where I go or how far I roam, being out in the fresh air in the mornings feels great. Of late, I have started to adopt some new habits from the best seller book  The Miracle Morning. It advocates for a 6 step morning ritual which in addition to meditation and exercise, includes daily affirmations, visualization of your goals, reading and journaling. It sounds like a tall order and its certainly not without its time pressures, but there is a lot of mental power in these activities and if Oprah swears by them – it can’t all be a bad thing. And certainly on the weekends, I like nothing better than reading and writing to my hearts content in the quiet of the morning.

My morning routineThen its on to the shower, after which I waste way too much time deciding what to wear and then eventually make my way back to the kitchen. By this stage, I’m typically on the clock. But I always make a point of having breakfast with my husband. I love breakfast and now that I am back to eating eggs, (long story!), I love to cook scrambled eggs for breakfast. Finally I do one final race around the house to grab all my bits and pieces and then out the door I go.

My morning routineI follow a couple of blogs dedicated to morning routines. Typically people recount their morning routines, from the very disciplined gym bunnies who rise at 4.00am to the not so disciplined morning slouchers. I find it fascinating and love hearing about peoples morning habits. So whats your morning routine? What do you do to set you up for success every day? Why not share it below…


Emer Maria Kielhorn lives and works in Dublin with her husband and two cats.

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