Photographing New York – images and impressions

Photographing New YorkI found myself in Manhattan one Sunday morning in September and decided to join a Photographing New York Tour with NYC Photosafari. I had my trusty Canon EOS 1300D with me and had packed my regular 24 X 70mm lens suitable for pretty much any shot – or so I figured. The meeting point was at Pershing Square and our party of three soon set off to start shooting the iconic New York land marks. Zim our tour lead and tutor was an expert professional photographer, a straight talking alley cat if ever there was one, adept at crouching, craning and angling to take full advantage of how to take excellent abstract shots of the urban metropolis. Zim wisecracked with steely intent that her only tour rule for photographing New York was that we weren’t allowed to shoot pigeons or squirrels. The way she said it, you kind of knew that she meant it. Continue reading “Photographing New York – images and impressions”

Photographing Cornwall

CornwallIt was the draw of pretty Cornwall that made me sign up for the trip, that and the knowledge that my wise photography teacher was hopefully going to calmly reintroduce me to my camera and tripod.  But by the time I arrived in Lands End, it was already dark and having listened to my taxi driver regale me with Cornish folklore all the way from Newquay airfield, I was beginning to have my doubts. With my kit bag and luggage, I stumbled out of the car, to howling wind and the crashing sound of the sea that most certainly was registering on the Beaufort scale.  I was back with Light and Land for a photography tour around Cornwall as well as some tutoring on printing techniques. I had last been in Cornwall in 2006, for a culinary tour of Rick Steins eateries, now here I was in a rain jacket and hiking boots thinking oh my God where have I landed.

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Photographing San Francisco

Photographing San FranciscoI spent an early morning dawn photographing San Francisco with Doc Miles Photography on a recent trip to the city by the bay. Doc collected me from my hotel at 5.00am and we whizzed off in his brand new range rover with cameras and tripods to catch the sun rise. Fortunately I had been wide awake since the early hours with a mix of jet lag and anticipation but felt reasonably confident and alert for the adventure. Our first stop was Bay Bridge which spans San Francisco Bay and dates back to the 1930’s. As it shimmered in the street lights, I set up my camera and stared into my viewfinder only to see pitch black. It took me a few moments to realise to my utter embarrassment, I had forgotten to remove the lense cap from my camera. Having fumbled around to fix that, myself and Doc quickly established that I was in truth a complete rookie and this was in fact my first attempt at capturing cityscapes.

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Photographing Scotland – images and impressions

Scotland enfolds you, its mists weave spells around you, as you traipse with tripod and camera bag through wind and rain, across rivers and marshes, with glens of bracken and springy heather wondering what secrets the landscape keeps. Rising early in the morning, stamping cold feet, with hoods and gloves, excited and expectant, as you imagine new compositions developing through the day.


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