Spending time with a friend at Marlfield House

Marlfield HouseAn old friend of mine was visiting over the holidays and we took the opportunity to escape from the city and hide out in a Country House to properly catch up. Our choice of venue was Marlfield House in the South East of Ireland, long over looked by both of us but utterly charming from the moment we stepped inside. With its treasure trove of antiques, we spent far longer than planned admiring paintings and gilt edged mirrors, testing armchairs and discussing the merits of a bidet in our chic accommodation.

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Behind the scenes at Unwind and let go

Given that its now 6 months since Unwind and Let Go was created, I thought I would share with you how the blog is coming along. Unwind was started on a whim last Summer following a visit to the George V Spa Paris for a heavenly Tropical Magnolia massage. At the time I was so overcome with excitement that I felt everyone should hear about it and so decided to write a blog.  Once Unwind was underway, I then added a category on Yoga because I figured both Spas and Yoga were somewhat linked. Although admittedly having injured myself at a random beginners yoga class in the countryside last October [see here] I haven’t been able to write as much on Yoga as I would have liked. (By the way, I still find it amazing how everyone finds the injury so hilarious!!!).

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Embracing a Hygge Lifestyle

On Friday my sister arrived for the weekend armed with the latest book on ‘How to lead a Hygge Lifestyle’.  As it was bucketing down outside, it didn’t take long before we were all huddled in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate and playing a slow game of scrabble. We probably could have done with more candles, some fair isle socks and a photo album for reminiscing, but by all accounts, it was an almost perfect Hygge moment.

Hot Chocolate

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Duck eggs, Kerr Pinks… and Ramelton Country Market

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Duck Eggs, Ramelton Country MarketDuck Eggs, Kerr Pinks, Cod, Leafy Beetroot, Apply Jelly… our eating habits seem to be evolving the longer we live beside the Ramelton country market. The days of Tesco Finest and Avoca soups seem like a distant memory, and now with time on our hands, we are discovering anew the food that we eat, cook and source. Continue reading “Duck eggs, Kerr Pinks… and Ramelton Country Market”

A walk on Rathmullan beach


A fresh breeze blows over Lough Swilly as I make my way down to Rathmullan beach. With the dunes on my left and the sea on my right, the beach extends off into the distance ending at a far away point. To have time to myself, as I walk over wet sands with the wind swirling around my head allows me to reflect, to plan, to ponder and to think about loved ones far away.  Maybe its the wide open space, the salt air or the sound of lapping water that brings me back here every day. Continue reading “A walk on Rathmullan beach”

The gift of letter writing

Letter writing is a gift. Today, I will sit down and write a letter to respond to an invitation long overdue. Instead of texting, tweeting or messaging, I will write a proper note on beautiful Florentine stationary. I will use the ink pen my husband gave me long ago as a Valentines gift and write in indigo blue. Once I have made my greetings, I will try and write an appropriate letter suitable for the time elapsed. Writing at my own pace, I will scribe whatever comes into my mind and simply let the words flow. Continue reading “The gift of letter writing”