Gifts from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh


” Simplicity of living, as much as possible, to retain a true awareness of life. Balance of physical, intellectual and spiritual life. Work without pressure. Space for significance and beauty. Time for solitude and sharing. Closeness to nature to strengthen understanding and faith in the intermittency of life: life of the spirit, creative life, and the of life human relationships” .

I cannot help but pick up Lindbergh’s timeless classic ‘Gifts from the Sea’ and find the book a calming read. My small pocket sized edition is¬†printed on thick creamy paper and has been on my desk for many years. Not only is it a beautiful read but it also contains messages of simplicity and solitude that are shared themes of Unwind and Let Go. Continue reading “Gifts from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh”

Country Living – A wonderful week in Ramelton


We have traveled North for a week in the country. Our beautiful accommodation Moorfield Lodge¬† sits at the edge of a forest looking out over a field of buttercups and white clover, outside the town of Ramelton. The silence is the first thing we notice, away from the city we become conscious of the stillness of the landscape. Continue reading “Country Living – A wonderful week in Ramelton”