Sun, Sea and Spa at Shutters on the Beach LA

ShuttersThe Spa at Shutters on the Beach is all about the backdrop. The hotel opens out onto the world famous Santa Monica beach with its quintessential Californian blue ocean rollers, along with lifeguard towers and quirky boardwalk activity.  The Spa incorporates the relaxed LA vibe perfectly and inside its cosy interior, there is a fusion of shells and beach style furnishings making you feel like the spa and beach are one. Continue reading “Sun, Sea and Spa at Shutters on the Beach LA”

A walk on Rathmullan beach


A fresh breeze blows over Lough Swilly as I make my way down to Rathmullan beach. With the dunes on my left and the sea on my right, the beach extends off into the distance ending at a far away point. To have time to myself, as I walk over wet sands with the wind swirling around my head allows me to reflect, to plan, to ponder and to think about loved ones far away.  Maybe its the wide open space, the salt air or the sound of lapping water that brings me back here every day. Continue reading “A walk on Rathmullan beach”