Yoga at the Town hall in Ramelton Donegal

Yoga Ramelton

Since relocating to the Ramelton in Donegal these past few weeks, my yoga schedule has been a bit all over the place and it has been challenging to do any practise, never mind locate a class. Last week however, a notice in the village shop caught my eye and after making enquiries, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a regular Tuesday night class taking place in the local town hall in Ramelton.   Continue reading “Yoga at the Town hall in Ramelton Donegal”

Country Living – A wonderful week in Ramelton


We have traveled North for a week in the country. Our beautiful accommodation Moorfield Lodge  sits at the edge of a forest looking out over a field of buttercups and white clover, outside the town of Ramelton. The silence is the first thing we notice, away from the city we become conscious of the stillness of the landscape. Continue reading “Country Living – A wonderful week in Ramelton”