Photographing New York – images and impressions

Photographing New YorkI found myself in Manhattan one Sunday morning in September and decided to join a Photographing New York Tour with NYC Photosafari. I had my trusty Canon EOS 1300D with me and had packed my regular 24 X 70mm lens suitable for pretty much any shot – or so I figured. The meeting point was at Pershing Square and our party of three soon set off to start shooting the iconic New York land marks. Zim our tour lead and tutor was an expert professional photographer, a straight talking alley cat if ever there was one, adept at crouching, craning and angling to take full advantage of how to take excellent abstract shots of the urban metropolis. Zim wisecracked with steely intent that her only tour rule for photographing New York was that we weren’t allowed to shoot pigeons or squirrels. The way she said it, you kind of knew that she meant it. Continue reading “Photographing New York – images and impressions”