Uggs Forever

UggsI have just received delivery of a new pair of Uggs. Cosy, chunky, timeless, unglamorous Uggs – in cream.  Not of course that the colour  matters, Uggs are the one fashion staple that quite frankly work in every colour. For years I avoided them, I knew instinctively that my husband would abhor them and that they would do nothing for my figure or my wardrobe, but one Winter I relented and now I haven’t looked back. To be clear, I will never wear them outside the house, these are for my private indulgence only. Arriving home from work in the evenings, I drop bag and coat, kick off heels, pull on my cashmere leggings and sink my tired feet into my yummy Uggs. What happened to your pencil skirt and heels my husband whines as I scrap my hair into a lopsided bun. Not tonight darling I murmer as I saunter off to the kitchen with happy feet.

UggsOne of my biggest regrets last Winter when we were living in the wilds of Ramelton in the stormy northwest of Ireland, was that I hadn’t packed my old navy Uggs. A friend came to visit and strode through the front door in her Uggs like a carbon copy of her ten year old daughter. I wanted to grab them then and there, but alas she barely took them off. ‘God its freezing up here’ she said, ‘so glad I have my Uggs and my woolly pjs’!

UggsTalking about Pajamas. I must admit I’m not a huge fan. I get why people like them, but I never seem to find a pair that works. That’s why the invention of ‘lounge wear’ to skulk around the house, suits me down to the ground. Soft long draped cardigans over wool leggings is my idea of heaven and I have dedicated a whole shelf in my wardrobe to my amassed collection. I dream of rainy Saturday afternoons curled up with a book and a pot of tea – wearing my perfectly elegant lounge wear. I often wonder about taking my ‘lounge wear’ to the air and trying to reinvent that feeling on the plane. But alas. I am usually over burdened with too much luggage as it is and besides this is a private thing.

But for now dear readers, today is Saturday and I have my new Uggs.